Reaching Senior Leadership - (PDF Version):

10 Growth Strategies Every Government Leader Should Know

Here Are 10 Growth Strategies That Will Get You To That Coveted High-Level Leadership Position!

Are you feeling frustrated because you’ve been passed over for that big-time promotion? Do you want to develop the essential skills needed to excel in government leadership positions? Do you want to make sure that you are investing your time and energy into leveraging your strengths to achieve that big promotion?

Look no further…The Game-Changing Book Specifically For Government Employees Is Finally Here!

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Unlike all those theoretical business leadership books that only teach you WHY it is important to be laser-focused on your goals, this eye-opening leadership development book for government employees will help you understand HOW to achieve your goals.

Top 5 Takeaways From This Book:

✔️ Learn How To Leverage Your Strengths & Develop Practical Strategies To Pursue Your Promotion

✔️ Debunk Common Leadership Myths That Are Holding You Back

✔️ Understand One Counter-Intuitive Mindest You Can Use To Make Your Stock Go Up

✔️ Build Valuable Relationships That Will Get You One Step Closer To Your Goal

✔️ Write A Captivating Federal Resume & Highlight Your Skillset

Instead of wasting your precious time and energy searching online for leadership strategies, you can zero in on your target with this comprehensive leadership, which will help you save your time and effort.

Why Is This Book For YOU?

✅ Written By Current & Former Senior Leaders Within The Federal Government & Internationally Recognized Leadership Experts

✅ No-Fluff, Short & Easy-To-Follow Step-By-Step Guide

✅ Ideal For New, Ambitious Government Employees As Well As Senior Leaders

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What People Like You Are Saying:

Why YOU need this book

"Looking for your personal success story in the federal government? 'Reaching Senior Leadership: 10 Growth Strategies Every Government Leader Should Know' is an excellent go-to for anyone wanting to excel as a government employee. Using his own career and experiences as examples, Alex Tremble provides unique insights into the varied workings of federal employment, offering solid examples, coupled with a practical approach to success."

Gail A. Adams

Former Director of Intergovernmental & External Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior

Current Vice President of Communications & External Affairs, International Association of Geophysical Contractors

"From the first page to the last, the material immediately captures your attention and continues to provide information on strategizing your professional career growth. This book will provide the reader with ideas and strategies to grow their careers and provide techniques on how best to work with senior management by interacting and growing your career in different environments.  I wish I had this book when I began my Federal career over 32 years ago.  I highly recommend readers to use this book as a reference in their tool box and revisit the materials over and over again."

Fredericka Joseph

Retired Senior Federal Leader

Current Chair, Society of American Indian Government Employees Board of Directors

"Alex Tremble is a young man with a tremendous amount of intellectual curiosity and a zeal for helping others. This book is one indication of just that. I am particularly moved by “The Cost of Reaching Your Goals” section and inspired by Ms. Martin's journey from GS-2 to SES. I am humbled and excited to be one of Alex's many mentors."

Joe Ward 

Former Director, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Business Center (Retired Senior Executive Service)

Current Independent Business Owner and Licensed Agent, U.S. Health Advisors

“It’s common for me to support exceptional colleagues by buying their writing projects, although rarely do I actually read the books all the way through. This one was hard to put down and easy to finish. Alex Tremble, a career coach and author who’s fully capable of producing a good book on this topic by himself, nonetheless invited a small group of heavy hitters with deep interest in aspects of this topic to contribute their expertise. The result is a brilliant, practical, encouraging resource for people who are trying to get more altitude on their careers.

The two chapters I found most eye-opening were about 1-how to understand, and be seen as someone who can help by, an incoming senior leadership team and 2-how to leverage discrimination as career fuel. The former could be seen to complement the excellent work led by the Partnership for Public Service in 2016 to prepare incoming administrations, although the strategy could also be applied productively in a corporate setting. The latter flips the script - instead of allowing herself to be derailed, the author developed a way to think about episodic unfairness that enabled her to convert it into fuel that took her to the executive suite and beyond.

The underlying message throughout this book is that nothing, including age, is an insurmountable barrier to steady career growth and success, given a constructive attitude and the willingness to stop blindly laboring, start learning, and try the 10 growth strategies on for size. In keeping with Tremble’s own career, which has certainly embodied that message, it’s a source of hope, help, and encouragement.”

Kitty Wooley 

Former IT and Investment Management Team, Office of Assistant Secretary for Management; 

U.S. Department of Education

“This is a book that should be at the corner of the desk for reference and for a yearly reading as a refresher. The content took me to situations that I have dealt with personally and seen from afar. Needless to say, thirty years of work history and I have yet to learn, see or hear it all. Alex put service and value first on each and every page; through suggestions and tips for personal growth and communication on so many levels.

Thank you Alex for this contribution”

Art Pender

“A must read for any federal employee who wants a career with their agency. The book goes into explanation about being political savvy with management, investing in yourself for your personal/professional development and being a leader among your colleagues. I have shared this book with co workers and friends and I will be referring to this book every so often.”

Pualena Blalock

Federal Government Employee

Kansas City

“An excellent compilation of powerful principles and insights. Immediately applicable for every leader looking to increase their influence and effectiveness in the federal sector. Highly recommended!”


“I could write paragraphs about how much I enjoyed this book but why get wordy when I can be simple?

This is a must have! It is well written, insightful and is packed with information every leader should have.

A definite read for anyone in the business world.”


Get Your Copy TODAY:

And start learning the leadership skills that will take your career to the next level.

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