Most government employees struggle to build the relationships needed to secure their next career advancement opportunity.

Alex D. Tremble's strategic networking course will provide you with the skills needed to confidently build influential relationships with leaders who will support your career advancement.

After Completing This Course You Will:

  • Benefit #1

    Know EXACTLY what to say and do when building and maintaining important relationships with influential leader.

  • Benefit #2

    Know EXACTLY who to spend your time networking with so that you don’t waste precious time and money that could be spent with family, friends, or other important projects.

  • Benefit #3

    Have the skills to be seen as a confident and strategic connector by your peers and your organization's leadership.

What Past Participants Are Saying:

"I recommend Alex's programs to everyone!"

Ann Marie Mathurine, Maryland State Governmen

"Prior to my coaching sessions, I did not see the value of networking. But, Wow! I now I greatly value how essential networking skills are and how they can be used to help my agency fulfill its mission AND help me reach my personal career goals! I am now using the networking skills Alex taught me to reach out and connect with influential leaders to seek their expert advice AND build my reputation as an expert in my field. I was blown away by how the "seemingly simple" networking advice he shared with me had such a powerful impact. He is an EXCELLENT coach and I would recommend everyone to purchase his services. Thanks Alex!"

"He helped me identify realistic goals and brainstorm concrete steps...""

Michael S. – U.S. Department of Transportation

“Alex was very helpful in several hours of one-on-one executive coaching. He listens well and applied his experience to critically reflect my interests back to me in a way that helped me understand them. He helped me identify realistic goals and brainstorm concrete steps for personal development.”

"Alex provided great information on the foundations to strategic networking"

Mark Burt, Parks GIS Coordinator, Maryland Montgomery County Parks

“Yes, I would recommend this training. This training provided great information on the foundations to strategic networking that were illustrated through great stories, professional and personal, by Alex.”

"He's My Federal Career Coach!"

- Dr. Kiffaney B. Scott, Project Manager at Department of Veterans Affairs

“Alex is a breath of fresh air! Before consulting with Alex, I had no idea how I would achieve the next goal in my federal career. I perceive Alex as sincere in helping others achieve their career goals. I'm excited to learn various strategies from Alex as my federal career coach!”

“Everything was on point!"

Tanya Peterson, Park Maintenance Worker 3 CDL

“Everything was on point. I've learned a lot and I’ve been using a lot of the information on the job and off the job”

Course curriculum

Module #1 is Absolutely FREE! Start Learning Today!

  • 1

    Welcome to the Strategic Networking Course!

    • Congratulations and a message from the instructor

    • Strategic Networking Workbook - Printable PDF

    • Strategic Networking Workbook - Fillable PDF

  • 2

    Session #1 (Your Frederick Douglass Monument)

  • 3

    Session #2 (What is Strategic Networking?)

    • Part 1 - So Networking is Evil, Right?

    • Part 2 - Know Your Value

  • 4

    Session #3 (An Age Old Question...)

    • To Influence or Not to Influence. That is The Question

  • 5

    Session #4 (Mindset Change)

    • Part 1 - I Think Therefore I Am

    • Part 2 - A Mindset is a Terrible Thing to Waste

  • 6

    Session #5 (Internal Clarity)

    • Part 1 - What Resources do You Have?

    • Part 2 - Relax a Bit =-)

  • 7

    Session #6 (External Clarity)

    • Identify Your Targets

    • End of Course Survey

  • 8

    Session #7 (Behavior Choice)

    • Part 1 - What Should I Talk About?

    • Part 2 - Here's A Few Networking Secretes for The Road

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Bonus Material

Not Only Will You Receive Over 6 HOURS of Strategic Networking Strategies, You Will Also Gain Access to the Following Powerful Resources:

  • Strategic Networking for Public Sector Professionals Workbook

    You will gain access to the "Strategic Networking for Public Sector Professionals" Workbook. This workbook will not only insure that you learn the most critical aspects of the course, but it is also the place you should capture your answers to the important questions that are posed throughout the course so that you can develop your strategic networking plan

  • The GPS Strategic Networking Matrix

    You will have access to the GPS Strategic Networking Matrix which will help you quickly and easily begin to identify critical relationship gaps in your network so that you can begin to close them.

  • The GPS Guide to Success: How to Navigate Life to Reach Your Personal and Career Goals

    If you are looking for career planning strategy and self-improvement tips with proven results, then this is the book for you! This book will teach you the proven success strategies & tips taken from Alex's experience working with some of America’s most senior level Federal Government executives.

The Unfortunate Truth.

Government employees know too well that having a strong and powerful network can mean the difference between having influential coalitions ensure their programs’ success and those same programs withering away from a lack of support.

But, That's Not It...smh

Many government leaders also know that a strong network can mean the difference between being offered their dream job and continuing to remain invisible when promotions and new opportunities arise. Unfortunately, most people do not focus on building strategic networks and alliances despite knowing how essential it is for success. Many of their fears and lack of actions can be summarized by the following belief systems: 

  1. I WILL NEVER be good at networking because I have NEVER BEEN good at networking, 
  2. I should not have to network because I am really good at my job, or 
  3. The only way for me to become a strategic networker is to sacrifice their ethics and moral values. 

Not only are those beliefs 100% false; Alex also guarantees that anyone can become an effective networker if they follow his strategic networking method. 

The Strategic Networking for Public Sector Professionals dispel all of those myths and share with you the secrets to becoming a strategic networker.

You Can Become A Strategic Networker Using The C4 Strategic Networking Model

Alex has interviewed hundreds of political appointees, career federal government executives, senior leaders from state and local governments, and countless private and public sector leaders in order to uncover the secrets to their networking success. The interviews, along with many years of research on influence and relationship building, ultimately led to the creation of the C4 Strategic Networking Model. 

"C4," which stands for Mindset Change (MC), Internal Clarity(IC), External Clarity(EC), and Behavior Choice (BC), is a powerful, yet simple to implement, strategic model designed to help government employees build key relationships with individuals essential to their professional and personal success.

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