What You Will Learn in This Course

There are four objectives we will be focusing on in this course:

  • First, we’ll help you prepare before you engage in a negotiation.
  • Second, we’ll help you assess your negotiation style so you can be more self-aware, and more adept at adjusting your style where helpful.
  • Third we’ll challenge you to tap into your emotional intelligence to pay attention to both the content and the relationship dynamics in the engagement, and
  • Finally, we’ll help you consider creative options that can lead to valuable solutions for everyone involved.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Preparation for Negotiation

    • The 4C Relationship Building Model

    • Activity: Preparing for Negotiation (25 mins)

  • 3


    • Engagement

    • Activity: Engagement (20 mins)

  • 4

    Negotiation Style

    • Negotiation Styles

    • Activity: What is Your Negotiation Style? (15 mins)

  • 5

    Creative Solutions

    • Discovering Creative Solutions

    • Activity: Your High Value Offer (15 mins)

  • 6

    Agreement, Application, and Next Steps

    • Agreement, Application and Next Steps

    • Activity: Ground Rules (15 mins)